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[sticky post] Friends-Only notice

Friends-Only, starting April 6th, 2010. I have very loose criteria though. If your journal is semi-active and we share at least one interest, I'm almost guaranteed to friend you back. Don't really know why you'd be here if we DIDN'T share any interests. That would be silly.

Also, all future fanfiction, fandom news and multimedia sharing posts WILL be left open. So if you're just here for that sort of thing you'd don't need to really bother. This isn't to discourage anyone, though. You're totally welcome to friend me. Seriously.

If you're just here for the fanfiction, a large portion of it has been uploaded to Archive of Our Own.

All posts previous to April 2010 are open, because I have no interest in sorting through and changing the security level on over 2000 posts. So if you want to see what you'll be getting into if you friend me, just scroll down a bit. ^^;

Current major topics discussed: Comic books, especially the two IDW Transformers ongoings, books, and the trials, tribulations and joys of moving back into the real world from school. D. Grey-Man, Saiyuki, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, the American TV show Leverage, British comedies and dramas, kpop and various RPG video games. I'm very easily distracted so this list will change over time. I will try to keep it updated. There will ALWAYS be posts involving wangst about life, movies or TV shows I've seen recently and rants and/or raves about work.

The DCnU is probably going to become a major point of discussion for 2011/2012. There will be flailing and a lot of me agonizing as I try to look at things from an objective point of view instead of as someone who has become unhealthily attached to fictional characters after a 17-year relationship with them. DCnU still gets discussed when something particularly heinous happens, but I'm not really paying attention anymore. There wasn't enough good, imo, to make it worthwhile.


Halloween in Eorzea

Making a tiny au ra female healer into a Gold Saint...mostly takes a lot of metallic yellow dye, if I'm being honest. And sorting through a thousand armors to find one that was sleeveless. Who the hell decided that they shouldn't wear anything under their armor? o.o

Just once, I want a Cyborg 009 franchise contribution that has a legitimately happy ending.

Granted, I am not sure at this point if it would be Cyborg 009 if it were happy but, darnit, they deserve it.

I ain't dead...

(the subject line is not an...)

WTF, Marvel editors?

According to Mockingbird #3 it is impossible for a girl to come a superhero. *All the eyerolls*

Comics can literally do anything they want. Marvel made Cap a Hydra agent (if that is not a red herring I may burn something) and has become a mouthpiece for some of the worst parts of fandom.

I need something new to read...

Let my body hit the floor!

I am just as bad as Dark Souls 3 as I was at the other Soulsborne games. I am at the fourth boss and have probably died a literally 100 times.

Having fun as per usual, though!

Still confusing, but pretty...

I really shouldn't have started my semi-annual Cyborg 009 marathon going backwards. This means I've gone and begun with Re:Cyborg and 009 vs Devilman, and my brain is terribly, terribly confused.

It also means I'm going to be going backwards with Pyuma's various character designs. Going forward with those would have been the better idea...

Weird question for Canadian friends...

Ok, Canadians. Question:

Does the news in CANADA actually care about Trudeau's politics? Because pretty much everything on this side of the border is articles about how he's a hotty. It's...weird.
The Dark Souls fandom blowing up and throwing hissyfits and cancelling preorders due to the US getting the game three weeks later than Japan is making me more than a little bit confused. You'd think that no other game (or movie, or music release) has ever had multiple release dates before...

Do the sadoelves murder bugs?

So one of my students wrote that turtles have a "carapace crucifixtion". It's obviously a direct dictionary translation, but I went looking online just to see what came up. In the first ten hits, five were pages with giant lists of words starting with C, and the other five were Warhammer 40k forums, websites and fanpages.

I am highly curious about the latter. What little I know, I wouldn't be surprised if somehow crucifixions and carapaces were related.