Crustacean Replicator (krillia) wrote,
Crustacean Replicator

Round 1: Winter Soldier

The Captain America box set arrived last week, although I've yet to fully unbox it, since life finally managed to make me cry and fun got delayed. Now that I'm sorta back to normal, I decided that Steve should be greeted in style when I finally do pull him out all the way.

[I ended up with this]

Yes, Tony does have a knife there. It's alongside his mask, not his head. I figured the Soldier got the leg up on him by slicing through various electronic bits. He has another one in his shoulder but it's not visible for some reason.

And this is why almost all of the income I have not used for bills or life goes into these figures. Because I can do shit like this with them.

I still need to find money to get Natasha, though…
Tags: figures, marvel

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