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thinking too hard about useless things

FF: Type 0's battle system is fun to play, in my opinion. I accepted an optional mission for which I am far outclassed but, since I'm too stubborn to admit that, I've spent 2+ hours grinding. And I'm still enjoying it.

That said, I find the LOGIC of it, when applied to the real world, very silly. You choose three characters as your main party. All well and good. (And out of 14 PCs, there are only two I don't like to play with, so that's also pretty nifty). However, when one member of the party falls, you have the option of cycling in a reserve member not from your original party. The amount of reserves you get depends on the mission. Again, all well and good. Right up until I start thinking about that from a RL perspective. I mean, basically this means that the reserve members are just chilling out, watching their classmates fight up to 8 monsters/people*, and not bothering to do anything. Drinking tea or something. I just have this mental image of one pushing themself up with a put-upon groan. "Well, FINE!" :D

*8 being the max that I've seen. This doesn't include respawning fights.


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Mar. 24th, 2015 04:14 pm (UTC)
Tea. hehe.

Just imagine it as a pro wrestling match.

"I say, good fellow. I appear to be in a hammerlock and need to tap out. Would you be so kind as to fling yourself over the ropes to engage my opponent?

"Certainly, old man. Just a moment whilst I find a doily to set under my cup."

"No hurry."
Mar. 25th, 2015 10:19 am (UTC)
Play-wise, I find it a great system. You get a second chance if you do something dumb or just have a moment of terrible luck, but if you're outclassed or bad at a specific type of fight you're outclassed or bad, and everyone is going to die, no matter how many reserves you have.

Logically, it's…what you wrote. :p
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