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and they're GLOATING

Today Joss Whedon deleted/suspended his twitter.

Because the so-called Social Justice* crowd was flooding him with hatemail over Age of Ultron, because apparently it was toxic, racist, and horribly, horribly sexist.

F-ing fandom...

(*read: internet bullies who don't give a flying fuck about justice, social or otherwise. There are actual people out there fighting for real social justice and actually doing real things. They are wonderful people. Tumblr/Twitter Social Justice is an excuse to bully and belittle)


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May. 5th, 2015 01:55 am (UTC)
You know, even assuming AoU was toxically racist and sexist, I can't see harassing Whedon over Twitter about it. I guess it strikes me of 'even if you are being polite and reasonable, if you think of it, so have a thousand others'. I know many authors who won't even read reviews of their work, because they realize they aren't written for them, but for their audience.
May. 5th, 2015 06:05 am (UTC)
It really wasn't toxic. A good 10th of the sexism rage has to do with Tony Stark making sexist comments. Another scene is a bit more questionable, but nothing to warrant "You're a hypocrite/you deserved to be fired/I hope you choke" comments.

I am utterly sick of this whole internet witchburning that's become the norm. Every day we have doxxings, people actively seeking to get folks fired for disagreeing with them, and, well, shit like this. This isn't reviews. This is outright hatred lobbied directly towards the so-called trangressor. The fact that it's the norm at ALL disturbs me, but the fact that it's so interwoven with fandom hurts, because fandom used to be my happyshinyescape place… :(
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