Crustacean Replicator (krillia) wrote,
Crustacean Replicator

Bookshelf space!

Welp, I went to my LCS comic swap today. Managed to get rid of two of my accidental five copies of CA:tWS, came away with some Fables trade and a missing Locke and Key volume, and had a generally fun time fangirling and bitching and other such things. Got rid of ~100 floppies and 15 trades, came back with 5 trades and 10 floppies, so I've finally got some room to move things around. Still hundreds of floppies to sort and store, though. Gah.

Although there was a weird moment when I was told I was a bad person for liking and sort of missing Carol's Ms. Marvel costume (by a woman who then later went on to describe how she screams whenever a man compliments her on the streets).
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