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Today in "fandom has descended into horribleness"

Unfriended two people on facebook today for supporting the writing of hate mail directly to Finn Jones, because he dared accept being cast as the Iron Fist.

I would have been supportive if the PTB had made the character of Asian descent (as long as it didn't go into another trite "finding your roots" storyline. No point to adding diversity if you screw it up with stereotype). I sort of understand the disappointment, even if I find it weird to build your soapbox on the ground of a white guy being cast as white, but to channel that disappointment into actively trying to spread hatred towards Jones, instead of focusing on the casting panel, is despicable.
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This is hysterical. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, has an entire website encouraging people to move their if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election.

It makes more sense than the people threatening to move when Obama won, certainly. I have no idea if CBI is a good place or not, but the website is fun and creative in general.
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Review embargoes are annoying. I'm just about to finish my current commute entertainment (phone game "The Room 3". I'm into the alternate endings now. Fun game!) and want to buy one or both of the new Fire Emblems to be its replacement.

But too many games that suck have made me suspicious, so I'm very torn.

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Welp, that explains that

Over a year ago, I purchased a special release combo edition of Joe Hill's NOS4A2 and its prequel comic Wraith.

I bought it through Subterranean Press, which releases special editions of many science fiction, fantasy and horror books. Always really nice editions, and I have never had any trouble. This book, however, was delayed for months at a time. It finally came, and it is beautiful.

But looking at the spine,the answer to the months of delay was answered in one vowel and two consonants. .
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I may have stayed up until 3 last night due to a major piece of closure in a massive piece of drama from the FFXIV free company taking place.

I have become extraordinarily attached to the crazy idiots I've been running with the past six months (minus one who can suck my non-existant dick and choke on it after said piece of drama).



Tumblr fandom. Where multiple people say that teens who willfully make or participate in blogs created to tear down and bully someone are the REAL victims when that someone attempts suicide. Because it might make them feel bad about their actions.

I shouldn't have gotten on the internet this week. I have zero to do with the fandom in question, but the whole thing is makes me sick and I stumbled across it multiple times.
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Got a magical flying broom mount in FFXIV.

Immediately fly it to where one of my friends is AFK and see if I can fly it through his chest.

I can. So I go to bed while leaving him impaled. I do weird shit in that game all the sometimes.
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silly kneejerk peoples...

Dear people freaking out about #boycottstarwars,

The only reason it trended on Twitter was because you were using the tag when you were freaking out about it. There were not nearly as many racists (or trolls. Pretty sure a lot of them were trolls) as you seem to think there were.

A bemused fangirl